IMG_0009Woodturning Certificate Courses

Christchurch Woodturners are pleased to be able to offer our members comprehensive tuition in a wide range of woodturning and related skills. A formal programme of practical classroom sessions and work completed at home leads to a recognised Certificate in Woodturning. Many of our current members are graduates of this course and speak highly of the benefits in building skills and providing an introduction to a wide range of new techniques.

To join the course you must be a Club member. Members who wish to learn more about the course or sign up should contact the Course Coordinator Noel Graham ph 349 8976 in the first instance.

Classroom sessions are usually held on Saturdays, once a month, in the woodwork room at Auburn Reserve, Riccarton Road. For all sessions you will need to bring your lunch and some tools. If you have a portable lathe you would prefer to use, then bring that too, although there will generally be enough lathes for all students. All wood is supplied.

Introduction to Woodturning Course run by the Christchurch Woodturners Association.  This is the first part of the National Association of Woodworkers Certificate in Woodturning.

The objective of this programme is to introduce students to a wide range of woodturning and practical skills that will enable them to work independently and achieve a high standard of work.

To complete the Certificate in Woodturning, students need to complete 30 courses spread over four strands
* Introduction to Woodturning
* Woodturning Fundamentals
* Intermediate Woodturning
* Advanced Woodturning

Courses will be held on the third Saturday of each month (except January) at Auburn Reserve, Riccarton Road.  All wood and materials will be provided by us for each course.

You will need to be a member of the Christchurch Woodturners Association  and the National Association of Woodworkers Inc. There is a charge of $30 payable each course day. There will be some rare extra course costs for such things as pen kits, pepper grinders, etc.

Lathes will be provided for each student for each course.  Some chisels will be available but you are encouraged to bring your own should you have them.

It is our intention to start this programme for you in October.  I am aware that this start date may not be suitable all.  Should this be the case I can conduct a “catch up” course for you.

The Introduction to woodturning course is FREE. You are not expected to have your own lathe or tools. This is an introduction course to see if people are interested in continuing with ongoing woodturning classes. The classes after the Introduction course are $30 per class.

By the end of the two day course you will be able to turn on and operate the lathe, prepare wood for turning, identify, use and sharpen woodturning chisels, finish turned objects and use a bandsaw safely.

If you are interested in attending this course please contact Noel Graham ph 349 8976 by 1st week in October.