For sale

Bruce Irvine has items for sale. He brings these to the Club Meeting each month. Alternatively, you may contact him and purchase something any other time of the month.

Crown Gouges

Bruce has a large selection of these well respected gouges. Only good British steel is used in their construction, and they come complete with a substantial handle. Prices vary for different gouges and are available on application to Bruce.

Club Hatshat

Show your support for your club, both financially and to the general public. Purchase one of these hats and wear it when you are woodturning to keep the shavings out of your hair. If you don’t have hair, you can wear it outside to keep the sun off. Wear it when you meet other woodturners from other clubs. Be proud to say that you belong to the Christchurch Woodturners Association.

Club jackets

Club jackets are also available.

Walnut oil

Walnut oil is available from Noel.